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4506-C Taxpayer Questions

What is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Form 4506-C?

The 4506-C is an IRS document used by you, the taxpayer giving the IRS permission to release your tax returns information to the entity listed on line 5 in a document known as a "tax transcript".

Why does my lender, employer, insurer, creditor, government agency, or school need my tax transcript?

Businesses and agencies today are required by regulation or policy to verify the income information you provided on an application or in connection with a transaction you initiated, by using a reliable source of information obtained through independent means.

Who is Easy Verification and why it is listed on Line 5 of my 4506-C?

Easy Verification is an independent third party authorized as an IRS IVES 4506-C bulk processor to retrieve tax transcripts from the IRS, and deliver directly to the requestor within 1-2 days. This enables your requestor to meet requirements to compare and verify your income information faster and easier.

How does Easy Verification use my 4506-C and tax transcripts?

Easy Verification expedites the 4506-C process in accordance with IRS guidelines to obtain tax transcripts for a specific permissible purpose and intended use. Privacy is very important to us. Easy Verification keeps information no longer than necessary to meet the objectives of the transaction or as required by law. The information we receive about you by the requestor and the IRS is disclosed only to those authorized and participate in your transaction in a closed-loop communication.

When does the 4506-C expire?

Current IRS guidelines state that your 4506-C expires 120 days after your signature date.

I need my tax transcripts for personal use. How can I sign-up with Easy Verification?

Easy Verification serves only businesses and agencies to help meet income verification requirements. We do not offer service to the general public. You can get your tax transcripts at www.irs.gov